Chamber vocal ensemble Il Canto is a group of five (or six) singer-soloists performing vocal music of various periods. Group's repertoire is very wide: from Gregorian Chant, through great vocal-instrumental baroque pieces to contemporary music and popular songs from thirties and sixties. The composition of the group has not changed for many years so it worked out its individual style and sound. The group improved its skills in master classes led by the British group The King's Singers. High level of Il Canto was confirmed by several awards of choral competitions in Finland and Italy, including Grand Prix in Gorizia. One of Il Canto's CDs won the award of Polish Phonographic Industry Fryderyk '96 - it was Psalmy (psalms) by Mikołaj Gomółka (co-operation with ancient instrumental ensemble Ars Nova). Another CD by Il Canto was nominated to this prize: Msze Staropolskie (old polish masses). The group recorded four other CDs, including one containing Christmas carols, which now is considered as classical carols recording and one with vocal arrangements of pop music. Il Canto also made several recordings for Polish Radio, took part in TV programs like, for example, the staging of Adriano Banchieri's madrigal comedy La pazzia senile in W. Lutosławski Concert Studio. The group gave a lot of concerts and participated in several festivals in Poland as well as abroad: Wratislavia Cantans, Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Days of Polish Music in New York, ancient music festivals in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznań, Bydgoszcz, Stary Sącz, Radom, Elbląg, etc. In January 2002 musicians met with great approbation of audience during two concerts in Washington D. C. Il Canto often honours by its music various festive meetings of splendid companies and business concerns, for example Biatel, Generali and Microsoft.

The following was said about Il Canto:

"This is the best polish vocal ensemble with mixed voices." (Polish Radio Ancient Music Office)

"The group raised level and dignity of our competition." (Management of choral competition in Gorizia)

And the following was written:

"Not only a show of vocal virtuosity but also the demonstration of style accuracy, the presentation of good taste, the proof of exact knowledge of ancient music and absolute perfection of performance." (Nowy Świat- Warszawa)

" ... The group sounds like an excellently tuned string quintet." (Gazeta Lubuska - Zielona Góra)

"[...] Two concerts of Il Canto confirmed the opinion, that awards won on international competitions were fully due and critics' appreciation more then reasonable". ( Przegląd Polski- Nowy Jork)

"an ensemble of six singers who have perfected the presentation of early music in all its simplicity, purity and solemnity (.). The group achieves a unity of sound so convincing that it seems to be a single being performing with six voices rather than six individual singers. At times, it was difficult to tell which singer was singing which part, their individualities melted into each other so well." ( Performing Arts. Washington Post. 14.01.2002)

Contact: Michał Straszewski (manager), tel./fax: +4822 751 37 01, e-mail: